Brussels starts a crisis with London and then retreats

Brussels starts a crisis with London and then retreats

Story – The European Commission was forced to step down this weekend. The export control mechanism he envisioned could have led to a return to the border between the two Irelands.

The European Commission is playing with the lives of millions of British pensioners. In the conflict between London and Brussels over vaccines, Boris Johnson Speaking of his opinion released the shocking argument. Qualification during a telephone transaction“Spice” With the support of a European executive, Ursula van der Leyen, The Prime Minister warned that pulling vaccine exports to Britain would threaten to give the elderly a second dose and thus put them at risk. Having said this, he sets a date for important weeks to come.

Since then, Minister of State Michael Cove He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture “We will pay for the goods”. But the damage has been done and Brussels’ incredible mistake will leave traces. In particular, the Commission has succeeded in provoking the anger of both by threatening to include Northern Ireland in its mechanism for restricting exports of vaccines produced in the EU.

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