Brix de Amrik: With Gudi Haripra and Bahia Quesnod, we think about the future and enjoy the present

Brix de Amrik: With Gudi Haripra and Bahia Quesnod, we think about the future and enjoy the present

Five years separates them. Gu de Haripra And Bahia Kuznot Oppose their age, but their performances are remarkable. Both of these Trotters were satisfied with this Brix de America, taking third and fifth place, respectively.

Younger, Gu de Haripra, 5 years old, took to the stage for his first participation in a major event, much to the pride of those around him. “We are attacked by two horses in the race,” notes his co-owner, Fabrice Soloi. I have to admit that I would have been disappointed to see him finish fourth or fifth. But there he is in our place. We must not forget that he did not move four feet like his enemies. So a bright future awaits Gu de Haripra, His entourage is already returning to the next edition of the Brix de America.

And Gu de Haripra It can be a long time, which inevitably does not apply to a teen, Bahia Kuznot, Age 10 years. Despite the weight of the years, Murray looks better than ever, seven days ago, with a spectacular victory at the Brix de Cornulier, loaded with world championship trotting. “He has always been respected and protected in his life, especially his former coach Cedric Hersrand, who wants to clarify his current Stephen Guilpa. This will last over time. It also proves that a Trotter is not an old horse at this age.”

“We could have finished on stage”

His fifth place in this big event brings “great joy,” but also some sadness. “When did Murray leave Face Time Bourbon Coming to his side, he laments his driver, Jr. Guilpa. It’s a shame, because without it, we could have ended up on stage. His father Stephen Guilpa is also grieving. “We did not emphasize the work between Brix de Cornulier and Brix de Amஸ்ric. It may be wrong. We learn it every day with horses. How to balance the workload to make a horse as available to our expectations as possible is an art.”

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