Brix de Amarik: Bjன்rn Coop vs. Jean-Michel Pazier, “Zlatan” to challenge “Zidane”

Of course, we do not turn a donkey into a racing horse. However, the importance of jockeys or drivers in equestrianism is undeniable. In football, what would FC Barcelona have been without Real Madrid without Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? In Trott, some drivers are undoubtedly above the scrum and should see this parallel as they get the best out of their horses. Björn Goop and Jean-Michel Bazire are perfect examples.

Both have brutally dominated their discipline over the past twenty years and have not ended the rule. “In the race, he’s a customer’s hell,” was the last label about his competitor. He adapted very well to French racing and made some mistakes. “Sweden returns the lift to the nickname” Zidane of the Trot “:” In Brix de America, I will have the best horse with Face Time Bourbon. Davidson to Bond is a great horse, but my main opponent will be his driver above all else. That’s Jean-Michel Pazier! ”

The Frenchman is on par with Sloton Ibrahimovic on his Scandinavian rival Vikings ground, compared to the 1998 FIFA World Cup hero. That’s it! This year, the former Paris-Saint-Germain striker won the 2020 Sports Achievement Awards, having previously been beaten by polar Walter Armond Duplandis, who previously broke the world record held by Renat Lavilleni.

Men of records and heirs

With “Bjorn Ibrahimovic” and “Jean-Michel Zidane”, the game of seven differences is more complicated than the similarities. The first won twelve Golden Helmets in his country, the equivalent of his opponent twenty-time French Zulki D’R (these awards go to the driver who wins the most races in a calendar year).

Both are record holders in how many victories they have had in the history of their country. Also, Jன்rn Coop fired his own father, who set the bar highest with 6,744 wins. On the side of Sardois, there is no denying the influence of what he has always called the “boss”. “He was already a great driver and he became a great coach after his father died,” he admits to people who usually attack the soldier.

Despite mutual respect and admiration, the two will not be gifting each other on Sunday during the 2,700 meters of the famed Brix de Amric. One thing is for sure: their skill will prove to be a priority in a race in which the slightest mistake can be dangerous.

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