The Brix de America Cup is made in Sardai

Ce trophée sera remis au vainqueur du Grand Prix d'Amérique

Two Sardois will take part in the 101st Brix de America this Sunday afternoon in Vincennes: Jean-Michel Pzier, nickname Zidane of the species (4-time winner), with Fury Wood by Davidson du Bond and Alexandre Abrivert (2nd in 2019).

If one of the two wins, he will be promoted to the one made in the Surte Cup. It is a McCreet art center based in Montfort-le-Cesnois, chosen by Le Trott, the organizer of the Brix de Am அமric, to produce the trophy for the world’s most valuable horse racing.

A big challenge for the Chartreuse Foundry

That file 60 cm and weighs 7 kg Conceived from a painting imposed by Trott. Paul Macheret explains that this was a big challenge. “There was a big technical challenge because it was a modern cut with the materials and techniques used: 3D printing, chemical engraving on brass, bending and nickel plating. I think many of us have not been able to do that, especially at the right time“. There was only the Macheret Foundry 3 weeks and 6 copies to create the trophy Is awarded to drivers as a result of qualifications.

In the style of the cup makers

Having already won the Wendy Globe Trophy, the Macheret Foundation has confirmed the organization of another world-famous event. “It makes all our staff proud and is a good picture for the foundry. That’s it. This puts us in the mood of the cup makers. On social networks, visibility increases tenfold, so it is a very powerful communication tool. ”

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