Raised in the BRICS, Bahia Cusnot participates in his third BRICS de Amric

Des photos de Bahia Quesnot trônent sur la cheminée de Matthieu, Chantal et Alain Lefebvre, ses éleveurs à Brix

“Brix de America will be a little icing on the cake”. Since this Sunday, January 24, 2021, the smile has not left Matthew LeBeau’s face. The postman is one of the co-breeders Bahia Kuznot. On the table, a stack of newspapers demonstrates the record 10-year-old Murray, who won the Brix de Cornuli, World Mounted Trotting Championship. “This is huge!”, Briefly Matthew. A week later, this Sunday, this time, it’s the World Championship: she’s going to take part in it Third Brix de Amric On the Paris-Vincent track.

Bahia Brazil!

The ubiquitous horse at the home of Alain, Matthew and Chandel LeBeau. Fireplace is a photo of his victory in Naples, Italy in mid-December, his first appearance in Group 1. Bahiya Kuznot spent his first 14 months in the Brix in Cotenton, Where his “mother” is still, Queen Ines. “Already a foam, Bahia, she was a beautiful companion, very thin, with a beautiful cloth.”, Brian breeder Alain Lebbevre recalls. Then, Bahia Kuznot Put up for sale in Devil, but there, Mari has no auction. So it comes back to breeding. “A customer came in. He liked her. We did business.”, Summarizes Alan. Some experts say that at age 10, he was never fit. “She has a steel mind”, Emphasizes Matthew.

We have bred a lot of horses, but Bahia is exceptional. Her first coach defended her well. Because for many horses, at the age of 10, it’s over – Alain LeBeau

Ever since he left, Lebepress has always been in touch to hear from Marie. “We know the coach well. Once, we saw her win at Cain : She settled them all. We told ourselves: “Ah over there, she’s going.” On the Internet, TheLook at the races he made, sometimes years ago. “, Smile Alan. At this point, Lefebvre can not go to Vincent and follow their protein: Usually they charter a bus to pick up supporters. But there, impossible, race behind closed doors, Govt duty. So it will be in front of the TV!

Location in the top 5 places?

Bahia Kuznot Has a European Murray record with 1’08’7 “. “She is Unique base speed “, Says Alain. So, can we see the reigning champion Arnois face making a surprise against big favorites like Time Bourbon? Because there is competition. “She could be in fourth place this Sunday. Finally, if it’s already six, we’ll be satisfied anyway. “, Dad mentions. “The fifth will be the little Cherry, but not even placed. She beat Cornelius, the second most valuable breed. We’m not going to blame her.”, The son smiles.

Another challenge, Double Cornelier / USA in a week. “It’s more complicated now”, Refers to Matthew. But we can always dream. Especially the first Bahia Kuznot Following in the footsteps of a Mansois myth, I Bellout, Dual author in 2005.

Bahia Kuznot Has already participated in 106 races, won 11 and earned 45 1,453,408.

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