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OM – Controversy: Management, Media… OM players get angry!

This Saturday, the situation in OM was completely out of control. Outraged Marseille supporters returned to the Law Commander and inflicted heavy damage. Even if it deteriorates, Andre Villas-Boas’ players will be very upset when faced with this situation. For several weeks now, the crisis has been developing on OM’s side. Although the results and method were not clear at the meeting, it was a very annoying gift to Marseille club supporters. On social networks, anger has increased especially in the front row of management, Frank McCart and Jack-Henry Irod, as well as some players such as Dmitry Boyd and Florian Thuv. So the weather in La Canberra was harsh and everything exploded this Saturday. Although OM supporters organized a demonstration to express their anger, it completely deteriorated around the Marseille training center La Commandari. In fact, fire and smoke were burning, urban equipment was dismantled, as well as some OM installations. In fact, the supporters entered the law commander …

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