Face Time Bourbon holds its crown at Vincent

Face Time Bourbon holds its crown at Vincent

The best Tratters of the planet faced off on Sunday, January 31st at the Vincent Racecourse for the World Champion title. Defending champion FaceTime Bourbon retains his crown.

This is a stranger, this horse is not normal, he is not like the others“Swedish driver Jன்rn Koop told our Equidia co-brothers,”When you have horses like that, being a pilot is easy“, And to congratulate Pace Time Bourbon coach, Normond Sebastian Quardo”His wonderful work“,”It’s a great job in the back, and it’s not just about putting on a saddle.“Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya: ‘This is my fourth Brix de Amrick (2 Bold Eagle, 2 Face Time Bourbon) winner:Björn had a great grand drive“.

Just like last year, Davidson is on the second step of the Bond stage. Again, he could not catch his opponent. Finally, third place went to a young man, another crack made in Normandy, the youngest of the Gu de Harrybree race, who signed a good performance for his first participation in the Brix de Am அமric.

Normandy and the Brix de Amிக்ric, a long history

Of the 18 contestants lined up in the starting line-up this Sunday, 14 are from the west of France, less than a dozen of them are from Normandy and train in the region. Starting with the will of this 101st edition, last year’s winner, Face Time Bourbon, was coached by Sebastian Guardo, son of Reba Money. But his runner-up last year was Davidson du Bond, Marஸ்s delia du Pommerax and last week’s Brix de Cornouli won by Manchois Bahia Quiznote. Not to forget Gu de Haripra, the new crack made in Tony Geo, Italy, coached by Normandy, Diable de Vavret, Troll de Jet, Feliciano, Billy de Montfort and Sebastian Guardo.

Therefore, Normandy is in practice and is often on stage in various versions of this mythical race, with legends such as the zodiac of ura, the only horse to win the Brix de America four times and its tomb is usually decorated with flowers. Calvados. Before him, Pro Patria, the drone-born horse that won the first editions in the 1920s and 1921s, or the 50s star Crohn’sville-born Kellinot, wrote their names in mythology. Also included will be Jack de Bellut, born in Osho, Argentina, the Bolt Eagle winner in 2016 and 2017, or the winner of the 2019 edition, Bernard de Niuele-Press-Cheese breeder in Arne.

Normans and Brix de Amric

This would never have happened without a Norman. This race is a manzois cause that is broadcast in 36 countries. Emily Rioto, mayor of Cranville, who was vice president of La Manche and was very interested in agricultural issues, voted in the National Assembly in 1891 with important legislation to ensure the sustainability of the species. It was under the leadership of his Society to Demi-Song that the Vincennes Winter Meeting and its summit, the Brix de Amaric, were formed. A race that pays tribute to American support during World War I and to American soldiers who died on French soil. The first Brix de Amிக்ric took place on February 1, 1920. The event was interrupted during World War II in 1940 and 1941 and returned in 1942 under the name Grand-Brix d’Hiver, with German authorities banning the appeal of the Brix de Amிக்ric.

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