Stef Curry’s very strange permission in the match

Le coup de chaud improbable de Steph Curry... en seulement 3 minutes ! NBA

Necessary For Steff Carrie, who is concerned about the Warriors’ current situation, the rest of the season promises to be complicated in California. However, the point guard admitted surprisingly about the match, and it was directly about his brother Seth.

Despite being widely attacked by the Night Suns from Thursday to Friday, the Warriors did not perform well. For now, they can combine successes and not switch between good and bad. For a team that dreamed of a title at the start of the season, the gap to be filled by favorites can be enormous.

Is it possible? You have to be honest and say no. The absence of Clay Thompson is very painful, and Kelly O’Brien (1/11 shooting against Phoenix) could not replace him. All of these are essential Step curry, Had other ambitions for himself when he joined this training.

If we go to his last interview, there is something to be surprised about. According to Alex Didian NBC Games, Steph did not even know that there were 76 people at the summit of the Eastern Conference. Why this right? Because that’s where his brother Seth is now. If you know the character, this endorsement is amazing.

I didn’t even have the Eastern Conference, so I didn’t know it. I know they are playing well and 76 people are happy that Seth is back after health protocol.

The family in the curry is very important. If possible, the two brothers will play games with each other to support each other, and it is interesting that Step does not adhere to the current situation of the Sixers. We imagine it is already very busy with the Warriors having to fight in the West.

Anyway, he would be happy to know that Seth, 76, has a good season with 14.5 points, 53.9% shooting and 50.9% behind the curve! The next clash between the Sixers and the Warriors in the second half of Caesar will be very interesting.

Competition? West aside, Steff Curry doesn’t seem to be paying attention. Surprise, especially with his brother.

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