Jill Biden plays a role in reuniting displaced families

In her husband’s government efforts to reunite immigrant families separated by the Donald Trump administration, the U.S. The White House said Friday that First Lady Jill Biden will attend.

In response to one of his campaign pledges, Democrat leader Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he “plans to announce the launch of a task force to reunite immigrant families and children.”

He added that the committee, headed by Alejandro Myorgas, “will personally engage and invest with his wife, Dr. Biden,” who will be confirmed in the Senate as Home Secretary on Monday.

Jill Biden, 69, a doctoral candidate in education, plans to continue teaching at a university near Washington despite her husband entering the White House.

In December, he visited an immigration camp in Mexico near the Texas border. “We are a welcome country, but this is not the message we are sending,” he lamented.

Its tone was “I really don’t care, do you?” (I don’t care, do I?).

That year, the Donald Trump administration enacted a policy of “zero tolerance” on the border with Mexico, which led to the separation of hundreds of families.

The plight of the children provoked an outcry even in the Republican ranks, with the millionaire ordering it to end in June, with a judge for his part ordering the reunification of divided families.

Authorities later identified more than 2,700 children to be reunited with their parents.

But the parents of 611 children who split up when they entered the United States have not been found, according to the ACLU, a powerful civil rights group.

Most of the deported parents are stranded in their home countries with their children, asking the Democratic government to allow them to return to the United States legally.

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