How to study in Australia?

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Every year, many young people between the ages of 18 and 35 move to Australia on a temporary basis Work visa Australian. But how does it work?

Who never dreamed of leaving To study Or work abroad? To facilitate this type of process, the Australian Government, in collaboration with several partner countries, has developed Work Holiday Visa (WHV). This passport Period It is optimal to be determined for active young people who want to enjoy life miles away from home! But how exactly does it do Work visa ?

what a Work Holiday Visa ?

Visa Work vacation A temporary passport, reserved Passengers 18 to 35 years old. What is the benefit of this Work visa ? It allows you to live quietly in Australia for a year and work there. Only requirement: The employment contract must not exceed 6 months per employer. Small nuance, this is possible in the Northern Australia region To work Maximum 12 months. But, again, a condition is necessary. It is mandatory to work in one of the following fields: Home Assistance, Agriculture, Construction, Mining, Hotel, Restaurant or Travel.

what a Work visa ?

Currently The Work Holiday Visa Allows:

  • Live in Australia for a maximum of 1 year.
  • To work In the area of ​​6 months per employer. In some cases, an extension may be requested for this 6-month period. This is the case if the person works as an “O couple” or in Northern Australia.
  • Access to English courses (for a maximum of 4 months).
  • Do an internship on Australian soil.
  • Can travel without restrictions: The Work visa Multiple entry visa. Therefore, it is possible to enter and exit the territory several times during the stay. Opportunity to discover the wonders of the sea world!

In short, The Work visa Ideal for enjoying a year in the shoes of an Australian. To To work, Learn, exchange, meet new people … this Work visa Necessary! Good to know: The Work visa Renewable for a second year under certain conditions.

Who deserves it Work visa ?

To get Work visa, It is necessary to meet several criteria. First? That age. In fact, you must be between 18 and 35 years old to qualify Work visa.

But other criteria are important to get this precious sesame:

  • Keep a valid and valid passport at the time of stay.
  • To apply Work visa By being outside Australia.
  • Keep a clean crime record.
  • Subscribe a Medical insurance For the entire period of stay in Australia.
  • Justify AU $ 5,000 or 17,177 in savings. This amount helps to meet the needs of travelers while staying in Australia. Please note: Until recently, the required amount was 3,000. It is important to be aware of this small increase before departure!

The advantage of this Visa Australia No quota was imposed. So everyone (in theory) can access this Work visa !

How to apply Work visa ?

To apply Work visa, Nothing is easy! You must be outside the Australian border. From there, the person you want to host a Work visa Apply online. The site is in English, but the handling is very quick and fluid. Go to the Australian Immigration Office website to complete an application file today Work visa !

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