Last Chance U Season 1: What Happened to Them? | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Last Chance U Season 1: What Happened to Them?  |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

In 2016, Netflix offered its subscribers to discover the everyday life of a junior college team, far removed from the rhinestones and glitter of the best NCAAs.

In Season 1, cameras landed on Scuba, a small town of nearly 800 souls in the state of Mississippi that attracts the attention of the East Mississippi Community College (EMCC). Led by Barry Stephens, EMCC specializes in recruiting its football players who have had educational problems or other NCAA teams with past behavioral problems. The goal is not glamorous, the distractions are minimal, but this time it has collected 5 national titles since 2011. Scuba represents the last chance to try to break at the highest level.

Today, let’s take a look at some of the players on this opening season.

Ronald Olly, defensive defense

In early 2016, this cute 133kg baby played for the Nichols State Project in Louisiana. In the first year, he had 41 docks, of which there were two excuses for a loss of 6.5 and 10 appearances, but only one as a starter. Also used on special teams, the 84-yard touchdown is when the blocked punt returns. He failed to comply with a high university and did not play in 2017. He then returned to the colonels for his final year university qualification, where he made an impact. Important at the center of the defensive line. In 12 games, he has amassed 13.5 tackles, 5 sacks and two closed stumbles per loss.

Before the deal finally collapsed, Olly had not been drafted, but a call came from Ravens to join Baltimore. Auckland later volunteered to come and try during a small camp, and caught the attention of recruiters. He finally signed a 3-year deal with the Raiders, where he will try to create a place for himself at 53 by starting again in September.

Wyatt Roberts, Quarterback

The lighting of the projectors is too low for the group’s region. The offer of a Varsity Premier League program was not available in the opening quarterback of the 2015 season, and briefly returned to the state of Mississippi for further learning.

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Since the Bulldogs’ No. 1 spot went to Nick Fitzgerald, he was part of the 2016 team before disappearing the following year. While Roberts was finishing his education online, he married at a steel plant in Columbus, Mississippi.

DJ La, running behind

The law was signed with the University of Alabama-Birmingham in 2016, where he made a strong impression on coach Bill Clark during training camp. He had to miss the entire season of surgery following a serious knee injury. Without losing his credentials, the Blazers kept their plan in the gap between 2015 and 2016. In 2017 he was expected to play a key role in the racing game, but he was wrongly eliminated. Adequate educational level.

Last I heard, he wanted to pursue his career, but was reluctant to apply to a NAIA (National Association of Inter-Collegiate Athlete) school or start a career in Canada.

John Franklin III, Quarterback

One of the best known. Alternatively in 2015, he used his incredible performance in the last game of the season (291 yards, 6 touchdowns) to continue his career on Auburn’s side. But he crossed 204 yards (14/26) and did not enjoy the same trajectory with a touchdown, which included 430 extra yards on the ground and 2 touchdowns in 12 games. Same story next year when Florida moved to the Atlantic. Listed as a receiver, he finished 1 of his 2 passes for 49 yards, 229 yards on the ground for one touchdown and 95 yards for another touchdown.

Unfortunately, Franklin is most famous in Boca Raton for releasing the ball before crossing the goal line after a long time. He was not expelled from college, but has been taken away by the Bears since last year. Chicago is trying to turn him into a cornerback.

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Gary McRae, line recipient

Like John Franklin III, McGrath advanced to an approved project in 2016 by engaging with Louisville. But unlike the quarterback, his playing time was short, playing mainly on special teams.

In 2016 no two mini-games and no statistics were recorded. Not so much better in 2017 with four blocks on the clock. He played in two games in 2018 before suffering a shoulder injury and missing the rest of the season. McRae is now listed as a graduate student.

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