Brix D’American Legend Race 2021: “Bahia Quiznote takes its place and must run the Elitlope”, announces Jr. Guilpa

Brix D'American Legend Race 2021: "Bahia Quiznote takes its place and must run the Elitlope", announces Jr. Guilpa

In preparation for the 2021 American Legend Race Awards, the very famous Bahia Quesnot driver-driver Jr. Guilpah kindly shared his latest recordings with CNEUS.

How is Bahia Quesnot after last Sunday’s surprise victory at the Brix de Cornuli?

For us, the Brix de Cornulier should act as an incentive for the Brix de Amari. She had a rhythmic race as I thought. Since then Bahia has recovered well and has done a good job in training this week. With the right curriculum, I have to finish my work in the first places in the Brix de America without caring about other competitors.

No matter what happens on Sunday, the doors of the Elitobat (author’s note: the Swedish “Brix de Amிக்ric” that competed at the end of May) seem to be opening for you …

Like last year, the organization recently invited me to come forward to participate. Except for a disaster, we have to have an invitation card, which is not operational. I hope the date doesn’t coincide with Marie’s heat, as she did last year, all of a sudden, unable to fully secure her chances.

Racers know your name well, are you talking about your family …

We are from the southeastern part of France. My grandfather was a pioneer because he was the first in the family to buy racing horses. My father followed, followed by my half-brother (Jean-Charles Choral), my sister and me. Not all of these little men are new to the success of the Bahia Quiznote. My father takes care of her when she is in the south, my sister takes care of her and I train her. Everyone brings their own stone to the building.

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