Briggs de Amிக்ric: "I'm so happy," recalled Franois Brohier, the last surviving winner.

Briggs de Amிக்ric: “I’m so happy,” recalled Franois Brohier, the last surviving winner.

Sixty years ago, John Fitzgerald Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States, sending the first man into space, the former Soviet Union, Yuri Gagarin. On the sports side, Frenchman Jack Anquette won the Tour de France for the second time, and the Fran்கois Brohier won the… 60th edition of the Brix de Amரிக்கric, thanks to 5-year-old Machina.

While the event celebrates its 100th edition on Sunday, January 31, the oldest winner of this World Trading Championship recalled last Sunday in January 1961 at the Hippodrome de Vincennes: “We started slowly. Before approaching us, halfway up, climb. At the finish line, Machina finished at full speed to easily pick up the statue of Tornis and his driver, Sergio Briganti, Typhosis. Very happy, I did not hesitate to raise my whip as a sign of victory. “

During the years of the equestrian sport

At the age of 28, Franுவாois Brohier entered the years of equestrian sports, and allowed his uncle, coach Henry Lewescu, to win his first victory in his five Brix de America, 1969, before the epic and coronation of champion Roquefy (1966, 67 and 68).

With about thirty guests celebrating his victory at a Parisian restaurant, the man in question is arrested by Marcel Poussac, the cotton king, a wealthy textile businessman and leader of the Society de Incentive (formerly France Globe). “He told me: I congratulate you, you went Ray Johnston (Marcel Bussack’s first jockey) ”, believes the former young driver from La Manche. Before mentioning: “Ray Crocodile was nicknamed by a French racer for training in waiting racing, at the end of which he gave the appearance of swallowing his opponents. “

Named Machina to refer to “La Strada”

Pride of its Chestnut Champion, born in 1956 and named after the star of the movie “La Strada” Giulietta Machina, Franுவாois Brohier never made headlines. “Thanks to Leon Citron and Andre Theron, Machina will soon become the favorite of the French racer, the most popular and will start the Brix de Am டிric’s favorite next year. But in her 80% chance, she will be 25m.

However, recognizable by his yellow cap from a distance, this mare took five Brix de Cornoulier (mounted trot) winners to the skies, now 88 years old and bringing together the current leader of the Seniors of the Race, 150 former professionals from around the world of the Trots.

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