Le gros troll des Raptors contre les Lakers

LeBron is the cheeky lockers figure that makes you happy

If the Lakers approach the shock against the Sixers as league leaders, it is largely thanks to LeBron James. However, above all King can be satisfied with a statistic that his team shows … without him.

The position of the defensive champion considered by the Lakers is that construction sites are unavoidable during office. Among them, the most careful management of the two stars of franchise, LeBron James And Anthony Davis, Following a historically short retirement period.

To achieve this, Los Angeles executives tried to strengthen their supporting cast above all else. If their goal appears to have been achieved on paper, the statistical evidence is long overdue. A number revealed before the meeting against the Bulls allowed the assumptions to be confirmed from Saturday night to Sunday.

The Los Angeles Lakers have a clear positive rating when LeBron James is on the bench (+12.1 when he is on the ground, +1.7 when he is resting). If this continues it will be the first time in his career that he will be part of a team that has won the minutes he spent without on the pitch.

Understand that Angelinos scored 12.1 points more than his opponents in 100 possessions with LeBron on the ground, and 1.7 points without him since the start of the season. The gap between the two values ​​may seem important, but the fact that each is positive will be paramount in the king’s life if he maintains this momentum.

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According to the special site Clean the glass, These averages have also improved following the last two games of LA Les Porfrey Ed or Orien, now releasing a clear rating of +14.6 with Pran on the field, and +2.8 in his absence. So the test against Philadelphia will act as a serious justice of the peace to ensure these good arrangements.

Last year LeBron struggled when James held his breath on the bench, and the Lakers are now able to get their hands on the opponents even without him. Wonderful, you say?

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