The company’s lawyers want professional secrecy

The company’s lawyers want professional secrecy

The Chancellor is considering giving them professional secrets, but lawyers oppose it.

Imitation and Thea. It is enough that during the discussion on the 2021 Finance Act, the Minister of Justice said that he would withdraw the status of “corporate lawyer” to create a rat race between lawyers and corporate lawyers. The thing is obviously simple and virtuous. Giving corporate attorneys the status of attorneys so that professional confidentiality can be challenged during investigations against companies. An idea developed by LREM deputy Rafael Kau, who wanted to fight against the alien force of American justice that is being investigated around the world against foreign companies that contradict the interests of stars and stars.

For more than a decade now, French legal departments have been campaigning for the establishment of protections for this global justice system, which has increased tenfold with artificial intelligence, making it possible to absorb data even over long distances.

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