Controlled but cultivated? The British Museum accepts the challenge

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Covit-19 seems to destroy everything in its path. Boring “metro, work, sleep” has become a tasteless “work, sleep” and even endless trips on public transport have begun to miss. But restraint does not mean being cut off from London’s cultural wealth. Always looking for new ideas to awaken the public, the British Museum offers to open its doors to you Original virtual tour.

The British Museum is one of the most iconic landmarks in the British capital: a well of science in human history, but breathtaking architecture, essential for tourists in London. Whether you currently live in France or are confined to the UK, embark on a journey through (re) time and place to discover one of the jewels of His Majesty’s Kingdom.

A simple but interactive visit

Made up of lines representing almost the entire time and more than a hundred small multi-colored dots, the site’s interface greatly facilitates this cultural journey. In an almost lunar system, each point corresponds to a work. By clicking on it, a sculpture, a painting or a photograph of an object will appear, along with its history sheet and audio guide.

These works are categorized into different genres according to their origin continent or their epoch. You can choose in favor of areas associated with religions, thus appreciating a talisman from ancient Egypt or preferring design materials from ancient Greece. The site, which is free and unlimited, allows you to extend your visit in several days.

A visit to all tastes

Although incomplete, the collection provided by the British Museum is rich enough to make everyone happy. From a Paleolithic stone found in Tanzania to traditional Polynesian costumes, the museum traces human history through a hundred wonderful objects, including a nearly 2,000-year-old statue of the Buddha. But the most impressive arsenal of works was found in Oceania in the 19th century. Rich in even lesser known cultures, the continent is less advertised than its African counterpart. Thanks to the museum’s select selection, the virtual visit allows you to immerse yourself in the latest Polynesian and Australian history with the utmost attention.

To complete the trip, the British Museum is partnering with Google Arts & Cultural Services. 360 virtual tour of its site. Free, which gives you the opportunity to walk into the museum while on your couch. Tested by the editorial staff, this unique experience will immerse you in the heart of different collections, thanks to the high quality photos that make the visit almost real.

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