Why Michael Jordan doesn’t want to be so strong at 3 points

Michael Jordan a surpris ses coéquipiers dans une soirée bien particulière lors de sa saison rookie

In Michael Jordan’s catastrophic attack arsenal, all three points are never there Location Priority. One of the already advanced explanations is that, despite the fact that there are already snipers, the teleplay has not yet exploded. But the real reason is completely different, MJ says.

Will get any kind of score Michael Jordan In the current NBA? This question comes up sometimes, and one wonders where the long-distance shooting will take place in MJ’s attacking Panobili. It’s hard to get an idea, since the Chicago legend hung his sneakers long before the three-point shootout erupted in 2010.

However, Air Jordan was aware of the evolution of the game, and over the years it began to take more and more shots from behind the curve. If the 90s block had nothing to do with the current NBA (a player like MJ took 1.7 three pointers per game in his career), however we see that it has gradually increased. In 1992, (the year of the Shrug game), MJ stated the reason he did not want to be too strong at three points:

I do not want to be good at three points, because it will override all other aspects of my game. When you focus on the three-point shot, you do not get enough basket, you start to walk near the line and wait until the ball is delivered to you. This is not my mood, I do not want to create it because it will prevent me from playing my game.

However, when we look at Mike’s distance shooting averages, we realize that number 23 places more emphasis on this aspect of the game. . In the 1996/97 season he attempted 3.6 shots per game and ran at 37.4%, a very decent percentage.

His best season came in 1995/96, when Her Majesty shot 42.7 percent with 3.2 attempts per game – making him the most reliable sniper in the current NBA, albeit at a lower level.

We will never know what kind of player would have become his plane if he had played for so many years Step curry. On the other hand, we know that his ability to attack the midfield, position, or defense and finish in a fantastic way in the circle made him the greatest champion of his time.

Michael Jordan is capable of a three-point shot, but does not want to stress Behind Line, wants to shoot or distribute in the middle Dunks Severe with ageBasket tightening. Looking at that man’s record, we might think he wasn’t wrong!

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