What is life like for former presidents after the White House?

It is a very closed club with only five members. From January 20, Donald Trump Completed the circle of former US presidents: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. What will happen to them after they go through the White House?

By casting doubt on a new candidate in 2024, the Republican millionaire is already an exception. This is because former presidents have traditionally retired from political careers, rewarding their experience as head of state by lecturing and writing their memoirs. Everyone paid beautifully.

In this regard, Donald Trump is no exception to the rule: During his tenure he was reportedly paid $ 100 million for a book. When they left the White House in 2017, the Obamas signed a $ 65 million deal. Apart from these astronomical sums, the annual income of the former occupants of the Oval Office is $ 210,000 (17 172,000) which is quite ridiculous.

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