[Replay] Top 5: Conference Final Receptions | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Replay] Top 5: Conference Final Receptions |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Mike Evans (Tampa Bay Bookners)

Tom Brady had a great time with the Green Bay rear guard early in the game. From the first seconds, he sees his star receiver Mike Evans’ hands on a perfect dish that falls beautifully into the receiver’s hands.

Alan Lazard (Green Bay Packers)

His awkward position in the final zone did not prevent Aaron Rodgers from finding Alan Lazard on the sidelines. To underline the passing, the fantastic work of the attack line takes sideways to follow the movement of their quarterback.

Marquez Waltz-Scandling (Green Bay Packers)

And the Packers stick with the score. In one, Marquez Valdes-Scandling picks up his bodyguard at speed and grabs the millimeter pass of his quarterback.

Chris Godwin (Tampa Bay Bookners)

Tom Brady’s new missile finds Chris Godwin’s hands, despite Dornell Savage’s cover.

Stephen Dix (buffalo bills)

At an exhibition the two behave like thieves. The perfect tight Stephen Dix hands from Josh Allen is spectacular.

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