Netflix is ​​set to release the F1 movie starring De Niro and Boega

Netflix is ​​set to release the F1 movie starring De Niro and Boega

The story between Netflix and F1 is far from over because the platform will release an image on F1. Following the “Drive to Survive” series, Season 3 is expected to release in March. is the site, the film will be directed by Gerard McMurray, to whom we owe “Burning Sands” (one of the first original Netflix movies), and we will be directing John Boyce and Robert De Niro! No need to introduce Robert De Niro, as far as John Boega is concerned, you found him in the new Star Wars Postology.

“The Formula”, a film about F1 on Netflix

The story of this fiction follows a Formula 1 driver who is forced to become a secret driver in the middle of the mafia to save the only family he left behind. The film should not focus on the world of F1 drivers, and is not so bad as to avoid the fall of the most demanding emotional audience regarding the quality provided.

Under the interim name of “The Formula”, Gerard McMurray will write, direct and produce the screenplay through his new production company, Puppy Productions. Jane Rosenthal, Perry Welsh and De Niro have also invested in the production of this fiction. He was also the one who reported the information to

This is not the first time the F1 (and motorsport in general) has encouraged the big screen. While the most successful examples to date have been called Rush for F1 and Le Mans 66 for endurance, the cinema is full of intense turnips …

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Driving for the American single-seat IndyCar or Michael Wyland should be avoided, except to glorify the 24-hour Le Mans. We recommend Steve McQueen’s Le Mans, John Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix or Tony Scott’s Days of Thunder. (List of documentaries here / Series to watch on streaming media).

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