EU fails to recognize Juan Guido as interim leader of Venezuela | The world

EU fails to recognize Juan Guido as interim leader of Venezuela |  The world

The European Union said in a statement on Monday (25) that it was no longer considering the 27 member states of the camp Juan Guida As Acting Chairman Venezuela.

Guaid now is now a “privileged orator”.

The UN has accused Maduro and the Venezuelan government of crimes against humanity

Twenty-seven countries have already stated that they will not be able to legally recognize the post of Speaker of the House of Commons on January 6.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections The last parliamentary elections of the National AssemblyIn December 2020.

While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Quito claims to be one of Venezuela’s interim presidents.

Reacting on social networks, Guide drew attention to this fact.

Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom still see him as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

Why was Quito considered or was he president?

In 2018, President Nicolas Maduro ran for re-election. The Venezuelan opposition began to speculate that the referendum would be invalid, and that the presidency would go to successors – in this case, Quito, who was chairman of the National Assembly.

In a joint statement issued by 27 EU members, he said he was part of a democratic opposition to the decision by coalition governments to retain the post of head of state of Quito despite a European Parliament resolution last week.

“The EU reiterates its call for the freedom and protection of all political opponents, especially the representatives of the opposition elected to the 2015 National Assembly, especially Juan Guide,” the statement said after a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels. “The EU considers them important elements and privileged intermediaries.”

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