Shirley Jackson’s unpublished text


Shirley Jackson left a brief literary tradition, eventually compared to her brief life. As surprises are needed for the period, The Strand Magazine He continues his work as a pioneer by revealing the novelist’s messages that were not published – or apparently lost – on January 17th.

According to GuardianShirley’s son Lawrence Hyman, who is publishing the case, is said to have liked it, and the Library of Congress has compiled a collection of 52 boxes. Adventure on a bad night Tells the story of a pregnant immigrant trying to make a phone call at a gas station. She faces the most blatant and vicious racism from the writer.

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The place becomes a microcosm and magnifies the whole of American society: racism, marginalization, indifference, distrust ோர் immigrants are welcome, but only those who are already integrated, in short. All this says ” How an independent woman agitates against the abusive treatment of a pregnant immigrant and decides to help herStrand Head Editor Andrew F. Says Gully.

Shirley, novelist and visionary

« In these difficult times, we need a message from Shirley Jackson about shared humanity and how heroes who fight against prejudice and ignorance can make all the difference.»

According to the son, the story was written in 1944: a reference to the ration books, New York’s vision and the years of war are all interesting traces of the worldview.

It is acknowledged that Shirley Jackson died at the height of her fame, but over the next few years her reputation and the popularity she enjoyed faded, if not extinguished. When his son decided to capture the legacy and exploitation of work, he gave a boost: it was time for adaptation Ghost of Hill House , For example, Netflix.

Or,Lottery, A new movie on the big screen, first released in 1948, scheduled for 2018. “I think my mom will be very happy to focus on her work. I hope he finds the relevance of his works, considering the time. She will definitely watch all of this with paradoxical amusements. There will be no humor to contribute further2, finishes son.

AndthatzceuFor those who haven’t seen the biography yet, here is the trailer:

2021, Shirley year? “The chance for the evil she visited on a sunny spring day, we have more than ever …»Beautiful, this baby …

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