Republican-elected Representative Joe Biden wants to blame

Republican-elected Representative Joe Biden wants to blame

Marjorie Taylor Green, a pro-Trump woman from Congress and a follower of the QAnon conspiracy theory, has filed an indictment against Joe Biden.

With Donald Trump’s indictment set to open before the Senate in early February, an elected member of the House of Representatives is opening a new front. Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green was elected after a campaign last November in which she expressed unconditional support for the outgoing president and her belief in the QAnon conspiracy theory, and filed an indictment against Joe Biden on Thursday, the day after he took office. Opponents of the election results certificate, wearing the masks of “censored” or “Trump won,” accused the new US president of being “unworthy” of President Obama: “His repeated abuse of power as President Obama’s vice president is endless and confusing. President Biden has proven that he will do everything in his power to bail out his son Hunter and order his family’s bags with money from foreign companies, ”accusing Joe Biden of“ seriously endangering the security of the country ”. nepotism ”. Text not yet available On the Congress website But the elected representative chose the accusation of “abuse of power” by inciting two Obama decrees – not the first day of Biden’s presidency.

He acknowledges the allegations started by Donald Trump’s employee lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who visited Ukraine in 2019, and continues this “Ukrainian path”, which ultimately did not yield results at this time. The Trump clan blames its accusation on Hunter Biden, the youngest son of the new US president, who, since he was a member of former Minister Mykola Slatshevsky, is believed to have played under the influence of his then vice president’s father. Board of Directors of his natural gas company Brisma Holdings. U.S. justice has opened several trials against Hunter Biden, but nothing worries Ukraine. According to CNN, The investigation opened by Delaware’s Attorney General will focus on tax crimes and suspicions of money laundering with China. Joe Biden promised clear independence for justice, and his family members, including Hunter, would not be “involved in any matter, any business that is involved in conflict or appearing in conflict, at an inappropriate distance from the president and government.” .

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The Republican boss did not agree

House Republican boss Kevin McCarthy, while acknowledging that Marjorie Taylor Green has every “right and right to present this resolution,” expressed his disapproval: “This is what Democrats did with President Trump, we disagree with them. I think the parties are better than that, it’s one of the arguments against the Democrats, and I do not think we should use it, “said Creta Van Schuster, a California-based elected official. Mountain. Donald Trump has been indicted twice by the Democratic Majority House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections: in 2019, Ukraine suspended Vladimir Putin with a whistleblower, when he revealed that the president had aided and abetted the “abuse of power” and “prevented the smooth running of Congress.” ; On January 13, after some of his supporters entered the Capitol “to provoke a revolt”, they were told to fight “like devils” to keep the certificate of the results of the presidential election in power and keep him in power.

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Between the Democratic majority and Republican opposition, Marjorie Taylor Green is unlikely to vote in the House of Representatives on the indictment. Historically, it makes clear that when ten elected Republicans voted in favor of the second charge, there was support among the party for Donald Trump. In the eyes of some, the millionaire has gone too far and harmed the Conservative Party, as evidenced by the defeats of Georgia’s special senatorial candidates Kelly Lofler and David Berduau, as well as Democrats Rafael Warnok and John Orsoff at the Republican stronghold. Won last November. In return for his support for a special ballot organized by some supporters of Donald Trump ahead of the Capitol invasion, Kelly Lofler and David Burdock have leveled allegations of presidential election fraud.

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