File statistics for Latin American countries. Your victory in the competition

Statistical data collection for Latin American countries

D.In 30 years, Latin America has undergone profound structural changes at the political and economic levels. This subcontinent will be at the center of the upcoming geopolitical challenges. Latin American communities now face major challenges related to development issues or violent abuses, which sometimes undermine the power of states through corruption and various forms of abduction. By the beginning of the 2020s, the Latin American continent will have to face global challenges of climate, environment and health.

For clarity, the following country files file presents the political data, economic and socio-statistical indicators of Latin American countries in 2020. The updated database is a bonus for candidates for these contests. It allows you to have an overview, a better understanding of the statistics, and a quick picture of Latin American countries in relation to each other. It is also an opportunity for all political parties, regional alliances or states to capture regional conflicts. The document consisted of three chapters adorned with maps of Europe and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, initially focusing on South America, then Central America and finally a few Caribbean islands.

Below is the file “Statistical Data Country Latin America 2020” produced by Julie Madeleine Shown below in PDF format for easy download and printing. Our congratulations on the writing and oral exams! To download it, click on the map.

Statistical data collection for Latin American countries
Statistical data collection for Latin American countries
30 pages glad to download with one click! This statistical data file for Latin American countries was designed and produced by Julie Madeleine

Video bonus. H. Which geo-politics of Brazil was under Teri Bolsanaro?

This masterful conference provides a skilled geopolitical understanding of the dynamics of Brazil and the work in progress. Current affairs, crossing community and territories, h. Teri provides many charts for Brazil in an accurate, subtle and educational way.

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