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Decathlon has taken a big step by formalizing its partnership with the NBA …

Decathlon, a French company founded by Michael Leclerc, has specialized in large-scale sports distribution since 1976. Eager to develop their products in many specific sports fields, the subsidiary founded Dormac in 2016, whose range focuses only on basketball. The company has signed a very exceptional partnership with the distributed brand NBA. A commitment to work with a collection of 76 articles in association with the prestigious North American Basketball League. The package will be available online from the end of February and in 1,200 stores worldwide (outside the US) from March. Available in 9 different pairs of shoes in colors: Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. Thermal underwear, protections and joint support will be on sale.

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“A Childhood Dream”

Damien Desiter, leader of Dormack, spoke about the alliance. “To think that we are going to work with the world’s largest basketball league is like a childhood dream. We are very happy to work with them”, He says before going into more detail on the origins of the federation. “We met in London, 2 years ago, at the NBA’s European offices. They liked the technical part of our products and their value for money, which allowed them to reach as many people as possible.. Like them, we are passionate and like them, we want to develop basketball coaching around the world”. An inspiration shared by the best leaders of the NBA. “Through this partnership, NBA fans and basketball players from around the world will have access to an amazing and innovative range of devices to help them come to basketball.Steve Griffiths, Global Partnership Director of NBA EME, explained

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