Cinema and series, the new prophets of our dystopian world

Cinema and series, the new prophets of our dystopian world

21st Century Cinema, Twenty Years Already (2/11) – Celebrating the Seventh Art Together While Waiting to See the Way to Theaters, tracking a series of articles about the first twenty years of this century. Today, a flashback to twenty years that has never been in SF science fiction. Empty streets, panicked leaders, the planet on the brink of collapse: Movies and series are all planned …

Infectious in all its forms, contagious on the streets invaded by masked men, the virus of lies in our connected lives and anti-democratic anger: Every day our news seems a little more like a dream of anticipation. This fever has occupied the dark future of dystopia since the beginning of the 21st century – or anti-fantasy, a perfect slide towards evil – not only movies but also serials that now speak to the big screen in our fantasies … Predictions to capture at this point in our lives? Has our present become science fiction?

Health and Environmental Emergency

In March 2020, the world closed to escape the virus. The first imprisonment, and the second life for a film is suddenly pushed to the top of downloads: Infection, Written by Steven Soderbergh, an early account of a deadly epidemic. Or how to deal with your own daily life with a filmed health disaster … in 2011. Lives and despair that reflect to live in the same mess: excessive hospitals, race for treatment, “clusters”, economic catastrophes … if Infection It realistically tells us about an epidemic that is worse than the disease that afflicts us, which “progresses” in a remarkable way that Govt today imposes on our arrogant and “vaccinated” communities by scientific progress: the end of an immortal illusion.

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