Australian Open – Daily in Adelaide: “The nature of business …” # AO2021 #AusOpen #Tiley #Adelaide #Melbourne

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This is a statement that should not impress everyone. But it deserves to be outspoken. Craig Daily, Immersed in problems for “his” organization Open de Australi, Said in a statement Australian Press He sees no contradiction in supporting the best. If you think about an entrepreneur, it is clear that these are the ones who bring in the most money in competitions, so we like luxury, but it is undoubtedly very questionable when it comes to sports fairness.

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At a press conference, the strongest man in the Australian Grand Slam organization is very rich: “It is considered my favorite treatment. But they are the best players in the world. As a Grand Slam champion if you are at the top of the game my thumb rule is this is the nature of business. You are going to get a better deal.“A statement that thrilled 72 players in severe isolation. Novak Djokovic, He raised his voice against these privileges and, like others, he is in Adelaide. While the offer is hard to avoid, sport is no other business.

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