Rugby. In Australia, New Zealand falls for the first time since the World Cup

Rugby.  In Australia, New Zealand falls for the first time since the World Cup

A week after humiliating Australia on its home ground, New Zealand fell to its eternal Oceanian rival (24-22), suffering its first defeat since the World Cup in Brisbane, Japan on Saturday, with The All Blocks, two-time World Cup winners in October 2019. They lost before finishing third in the semi-final against England.

Since their return to the field in October, they have conceded a draw and then signed off to a two-goal defeat to Wallabies, specifically signing a historic victory (43-5) last Saturday in Sydney on the first day of the rugby championship. In front of several thousand undressed spectators, the Wallpipes did everything they could to avoid such pantyhose, and were rewarded for their efforts against the New Zealanders, much less enthusiasm in this game than last Saturday.

Two red cards were distributed

Coach Ian Foster Aaron Smith – Richie Moyunga left the key at rest and replaced Futon Barrett at N.10. But in 2016 and 2017 the world’s greatest player and his allies stumbled on a tough Australian side, moving them from start to finish.

The game became very muscular. Each team received a red card for a top card: first New Zealand right-arm spinner Offa Tuyungafasi and then Australian third-row Lachlan Swindon, who showed 35 minutes of successful performance for his first choice under the gold team. The encounter was marked by a number of clashes: All Blocks captain Sam Kane with left-arm spinner James Slipper or his opposing “Aussie” Nick White with the New Zealand scrum half.

The Australians did more than compete. They were the ones who took the lead within five minutes with the inspiration of Reese Hodge, who started early after Nova Lolesio’s very difficult international debut last Saturday. Tom Wright opened a gap that turned into an attempt. They failed to use their narrow superiority, but they still held on after the yellow card was imposed on winger Marica Corybette shortly before the break.

Since August 2019

At thirteen against fourteen, Hodge’s foot floated them (11-8). But the New Zealanders found a hole in the board with Cody Taylor infiltrating the right side, which allowed them to use the advantage for the first time in the end (11-13). But Hodge, despite having two defeats in front of the poles, held on and rewarded his teammate Daniela Dubo (22-15) who signed on the last attempt.

All Blocks tried everything, was able to come up with two lengths after a try from Tubu Way and a change from Futon’s brother Jordi Barrett, the wing was changed to the first back. Too late. The last victory of the Wallabies against the All Blacks was on August 17, 2019 in Perth (47-26). The next match of the rugby championship, which has been reduced to three teams after leaving South Africa, will see Argentina enter next Saturday. It will be against New Zealand.

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