Moroccan opposition warns: Israel to divide Morocco into six smaller states

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Jared Laboratory

Jared Kushner and Mir Ben-Sabbath (right) in Rabat. D.R.

Written by Nabil D. – The head of the Moroccan Laboratory for the Struggle against Nature has warned his fellow citizens against the Israeli plan to sever Morocco. This is a basic plan to cover up the real aims of the Tel Aviv regime in the neighboring country and the entire Maghreb region. “Naturalization with the Zionist institution has reached all spheres, such as politics, economics, the arts, and sports,” recalled Ahmed Ohman, who was sentenced to a month in prison for opposing the establishment of diplomatic relations. Between Morocco and Israel, Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

“On the whole, Moroccans need to understand that there is no area that is not protected by Zionist invasion,” the activist explained. “The best example is that the assets of waqfs and religious affairs are managed in the country’s capital, Rafat and Salah, by Guy Siorist who responds to Guy Terry’s name and who is not the brother of the current Israeli Interior Minister Ary Terry in the Netanyahu government.

“So this is no longer normalization, this is infiltration,” said Ahmed Oyhmane, who was outraged. I revealed that in a book published a few weeks ago Confusion is upon us“The plan, which aims to divide Morocco into six companies in the smallest detail, was to publish the agents’ networks with their photos, along with their maps and flags and even their national anthems, and the secret organization Les, which loves Israel,” the Great Maghreb said.

The head of the Moroccan Laboratory for the Struggle against Normalization was sentenced to one month in prison for standing up against the normalization of his country with the Zionist Institute. He was arrested after taking part in a protest against the presence of an Israeli company at the Erfoud International Date Exhibition in Errachidia, eastern Morocco, along with activists from the boycott, exemption and sanctions (PDS) movement.


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