Cobert and many more stars react to the Connor McGregor knockout!

Rudy Gobert NBA réagit au KO de Conor McGregor à l'UFC

Connor McGregor is more than just a UFC fighter, he’s a superstar! When he leaves the ring, the world stops, all eyes are on him ர Unfortunately, this Saturday, many of his fans saw him bite the dust, and the NBA players were particularly disappointed.Obtained by this result.

After a year of fighting, Connor McGregor returned to the UFC 257 in the octagon this Saturday… last January 2020, and Even his amazing success was met with exaggerated LeBron James reaction. Unfortunately for the Irish, this time the result is very different …

Faced with this knockout that some expected, many NBA stars act quickly!

I don’t know if Connor still has the heart to fight.

I’m a fan of Connor தெரியவில்லை I don’t know who he is. Not only because he lost, but also in the weeks leading up to the fight.

Wow. Dustin Fourier is really my mate KO.

No man. He won !!! * Put it on!

Connor Boxing !!!! Ahah …

All NBA players have chosen their camp this Saturday! Of course, Connor McGregor has announced his intention to return to the octagon soon …

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