The world’s largest pink diamond mine closes its doors

The world’s largest pink diamond mine closes its doors

Diamonds are not forever in the end. Rio Tinto has closed its archeological pink diamond mine in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It provided 90% of world production.

It is one of the most precious gems. A carat The value of pink diamonds can be up to 300 million CFP francs. Diamonds from the Arkail mine north of Perth in the Kimberley region.

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But after 37 years of operation, the mine opened in the 1980s by the mining company Rio Tinto and closed its doors on November 3. Its reserves are exhausted.

Restoration of the site to the tribe

Rehabilitation of the mine site began several months ago. The open pit is mine Rio considers the Tinto Archaeological to be a visual object of its knowledge.

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The purpose of this restoration is to return the site to the natives. In 2005, an agreement was signed between Traditional owners And the mining team to take into account the inhabitants of the region. The contract was awarded to transfer the lease to the tribe. In their tradition, the place is sacred and connected Dream time myth. Rehabilitation work will take five years.

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