Navy Group: CEO goes to Australia "Agreement of the Century" - Economics

Navy Group: CEO goes to Australia “Agreement of the Century” – Economics

Pierre-Eric Pommellet, the Navy’s chief executive, will travel to Australia in early February for a three-week trip, including two in which he will be locked up in a hotel due to the country’s health standards. This is because there is a need to quell the controversy over the “deal of the century” that won in 2016, in order to deliver twelve submarines for a record sum of 35 35 billion. Delays, additional costs, local participation: Australian newspapers publish opposition attacks, campaign in federal elections in August, campaigning for the inability of the Scott Morrison government to run a security plan, while relations with China have recently deteriorated. Some also believe that the Australian Ministry of Defense is exploring the possibility of replacing the contract with a modernized version of the current Defense Collins-class submarine..

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“Despite the global epidemic, the naval team has met the deadline and is responding to the French manufacturer. The Australian plan for a framework agreement in 2019 is marked by contracts every two years until 2056. We understand that this will cause tension every time the Collins class submarines are built.” Such rivals are fighting to reclaim parts of the deal and destabilize the French in calls for tenders (Netherlands, India, Philippines, Indonesia). % Has undertaken to allocate.

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