London plans to pay 560 euros for each positive person

London plans to pay 560 euros for each positive person

Despite the symptoms, many English people avoid being tested for fear of not being able to go to work. To fix the problem, the government can quickly pay the same amount to all patients to convince them to isolate themselves for ten days.

Control yourself and continue to work when you lose your salary or become ill, causing infection to others. The predicament is about many English people, regretting it daily The Times. According to figures contacted by the British government, more: In recent weeks, only 17% of symptomatic people have taken the initiative to submit to a screening test. “Only one in four people isolate 15 people for ten consecutive days According to the report, they continue to go to work “, Conservative newspaper adds.

To counter this phenomenon, the Conservative government plans to pay 500 500 or 60 560 per person who tests positive in the UK. For now, only social assistance recipients can claim this amount, “This has led many small business owners, independent entrepreneurs, self-employed and parents to ask their children to control themselves,” he said. Notes Defender. There is one in the United Kingdom


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