"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory": What do we know about Tim Burton's movie preface?

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”: What do we know about Tim Burton’s movie preface?

Fans will have to be patient, very patient, if they want to find the preface to the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. The film should not be released before 2023. But what do these new adventures save us?

According to the information revealed The Hollywood Reporter, The screenplay is centered on the youth of Willie Wonka, the strange owner of a chocolate factory starring Jean Wilder in the 1971 adaptation of Mel Stuart, and later in the 2005 Johnny Depp Tim Burton film.

Who says Breakwell, says new casting. One wonders which actor will take on the role of American again (he is especially famous today for his legal escape) … without wrinkles and for a few years less. Some rumors circulating on the internet have sparked the name of Timothy Salamet, who will play “Doon” – which we hope will be released by the end of this year – or Tom Holland, who is usually known to slip the case. Spiderman.

However, this eagerly awaited film can very simply be called “Wonka” and we are indebted to Paul King for directing, especially the history of “Baddington”.

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