Biden wants to extend the nuclear deal

Biden wants to extend the nuclear deal

Russian Foreign Secretary Joe Biden wants to extend Russia’s nuclear deal for another five years. Biden has taken this initiative since he became president. This was reported in a report in the Washington Post.

The Washington Post reports that the START agreement between the United States and Russia expires this year. An agreement was reached on how many nuclear missiles the two countries’ forces would possess. Therefore, in the interest of national security, President Biden wants to extend this agreement.

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“We support the extension of the START agreement for another five years,” said Jane Sackie, the White House press secretary. President Joe Biden believes this is very necessary and important for national security. “We are working with Russia for the benefit of the United States,” he said. But Moscow must respond to its aggressive and provocative actions.

However, the United States has repeatedly asked Russia to extend its nuclear deal. But Trump has repeatedly rejected the request during his presidency. However, Trump wanted to extend the term of the agreement. But Russia did not agree to Trump’s terms.

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