Netflix on the verge of increasing subscriptions in Europe?

Netflix on the verge of increasing subscriptions in Europe?

After raising the price of its subscriptions in the United Kingdom and the United States, Netflix may increase its price in Europe as well!


This is the bad news of the day Price of subscription in Europe In the coming months! An increase that does not please anyone! MCE TV tells you more!

Netflix will set the same fate for Europe after increasing its price in the US and UK! In fact, An American financial advisory firm I guess this information!

“We spend $ 1 billion in the UK on movies. Locally produced series and documentaries. […] Our price change reflects investments Achieved. The giant had thus declared. Reports justifying the increase in the UK!

So can Netflix Use the same reason… so it will increase its price in Europe! In fact, the giant also spends Large sums for the European continent … The case to follow!


Netflix: New Platform Leader

Netflix operating system breaks new record! In fact, the number of subscribers to the site exploded! So with More than 200 million subscribers … It is becoming the leading site in the world! A great achievement for an American company!

In Lupine’s release, which increased the number of subscribers, The site continues to receive subscribers ! In fact, the company recorded a 21% increase in its revenue! So, this is more than $ 6 billion … a good amount for the Giants!

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Its success owes much to Netflix’s iconic series around the world! There really is “Barbarians” in Germany. Later, “The Crown” in the UK… But “Alice in Borderland” in Japan! Finally, Lupine in France!

Also, the platform is already planning everything for the future … in fact, the number of subscribers is likely to climb even higher! For good reason, the giant offers a lot more content! So, no less 500 new content is in post-production ! Thus, the vapor of success is unlikely to escape!