Missing is London’s famous crow’s tower

Missing is London's famous crow's tower

For several weeks, Merlina, the queen of crows at the Tower of London, was missing. The historic fortress of the capital of England is worried that it will not return.

Tower London He posted a photo of Merlina on Twitter and shared the sad news via social media. “Since joining us in 2007, Merlina has been our undeniable Roost ruler, the Queen of Tower crows. She will be sadly missed by her comrades, the masters of crows and the entire Tower community,” the monument said on networks.

The Monument Still, he wanted to reassure Internet users that despite Merlina’s departure, there were still seven crows on the perch of the tower in the six required locations.

According to legend, crows are believed to protect the British crown. If they leave the tower, the kingdom will fall. It was King Charles II (1630-1685) who ordered the crows to remain inside the tower. According to legend, he would have made this decision against the advice of his astronomer, who complained that crows were an obstacle to his observation. It was Winston Churchill who ordered the permanent keeping of at least six crows in the Tower of London, The Independent, When only one crow survived World War II.

On social networks, some internet users are mobilizing to find her, claiming to have seen a crow that may be Merlina. La Tour made its clear Birds Everyone had colored stripes around their legs, and Merlina had pink and gold colors.

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