XV de France - Les restrictions frontalières empêcheront-elles les Bleus d'aller en Australie ?

France XV – Will border restrictions prevent Blues from going to Australia?

A ‘mini world cup’ in Australia with France this summer?A ‘mini world cup’ in Australia with France this summer?Will the Blues go to Australia next summer? Nothing short of this at the time of writing. If XV of France Plans to challenge Wallabies on their land on July 3, 10 and 17, you know Island-continent, etc. New Zealand, Has closed its borders to the general public since the outbreak began, In March 2020. Since the kangaroo country is one of the best managers of this global health crisis, only 28,000 cases have been reported since last year for 909 deaths. In comparison, despite having almost three times the population of France (25 vs. 67 million), France has a total of more than 3 million cases to date, with more than 71,000 people at risk.

Although Australia Govt has made deals to get anti-vaccines, which are said not to come in antibodies by the end of February. However, “Although the majority of the population is vaccinated, we do not know whether this will prevent the spread of the virus.“Said the Secretary Department of Health, Brendan Murphy, ABC. True, This close adviser to the government estimates that there is no need to calculate a fluid cycle return at the borders in 2021.I think we will still have significant boundary restrictions for most of the year.

Our blues in all of this, then? Until otherwise proven, they can land on the Gold Coast, and the government can exempt “more” Australian foreigners, permanent residents or special cases … The best athletes. However, if “Surfers Island” is well off the plague, thanks to its iron fist beyond its controls. Thus, each person crossing the border must spend fifteen days at the hotel, and at their own expense (around 1900 around) an unnoticed period!

Poomas and blacks have been able to compete in the last rugby championship, while respecting the tough health bubble when it comes to trans-Tasmanian soil. In addition, as Mitol recalls in its Friday edition, year in and year out, the Australian Open is currently taking place in Melbourne. While the majority of tennis players take advantage of a rare offer on the island-continent (allowing 5 hours of departure a day and following a well-designed route to get on the train), others have outdone themselves by introducing a welcome reminder to the organizers of the next tricolor tour. Those who are – in defiance of themselves – those who took a flight with persons favorable to their arrival are considered “contact cases” and are therefore prohibited from entering their room during these 14 days. Kasahke and 28th World Player Yulia Putin can testify to this. It is the responsibility of the management of the Blues to select the aircraft of its defenders!

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