Biden at the White House, but where is Kamala Harris going to live?

Biden à la Maison Blanche, mais où Kamala Harris va-t-elle vivre?

Entrance, green enclosure, dark roof, carefully arranged hedges … This majestic villa will soon welcome the first Vice President of the United States and her husband Doug Emhab for the next four years. To date, seven vice presidents have lived there.

The 128 – year – old Washington House, less publicized than its big sister, the White House, is the official residence of U.S. Vice Presidents. Is called Number One Tracking Circle, The house is located three kilometers from the president’s house and not far from many embassies. It covers an area of ​​29 hectares known as the United States Naval Laboratory and is not openly open to the public.

Architect Leon E. Designed by Tess, the 836-square-meter home has a library, a kitchen in the basement and several bedrooms.

The house was originally intended for the supervisor of the U.S. Navy Laboratory, Told the NY Times. It has served as the home of naval operations leaders and their families since 1920, and was later designated the official residence of vice presidents in 1974. At the time, Vice President Gerald Ford accepted the presidency before taking office. It was able to use it, and its vice president, Nelson Rockefeller, had his own house, using the Number One Observatory Circle only as a place of entertainment. In 1977, Walter Mondell was the first vice president to live in this house under President Jimmy Carter.

Ms. Harris will be the first woman, the first African-American and the first person of Asian descent to serve as Vice President of the United States. He therefore refers to the history of his country and the history of the First Monitoring Circle., White men have lived there for 45 years.

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