Young poet Amanda Gormann describes America as ‘hurtful but complete’ under the guise of Pitton

Poet Amanda Gorman reads a poem at Pitton's inauguration on January 20, 2021.  Via Patrick Semansky / Pool REUTERS Poet Amanda Gorman reads a poem at Pitton’s inauguration on January 20, 2021. Via Patrick Semansky / Pool REUTERS

Bur Andrea Shalal

Washington, Jan. 20 (.) – U.S. Amanda Korman, the youngest poet to take part in the presidential transition in history, gave a hopeful view of a deeply divided country with her poem “The Hill”. We are climbing ”.

Gorman, 22, of Los Angeles, along with other poets Robert Frost, Maya Angelo and Elizabeth Alexander, attended other opening ceremonies with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Being an American is more than just a pride we get. This is the past and how we fix it,” Korman said in a short poem, highly regarded on social media.

“We will not back down. We will enter what will be crushed but the whole country. Beneficial, but bold. Cruel and free. ”

Two weeks after a violent mob stormed the stage, U.S. Speaking on Capitol’s steps, Gorman said Americans can overcome hatred.

“Democracy may be temporarily delayed, but it can never be firmly defeated,” Korman said. “We’ll leave the country better than the country they left us … we’re going to turn this wounded world into a wonderful world,” Korman added.

John F. Poets were also present when Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama opened.

Cheers for Gorman came from across the country, including Republican project Lincoln and Democrat politician and candidate for governor of Georgia Stacy Abrams, who said “Amanda Gorman’s message inspires us all.”


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