Spectacular black hole that surprised all researchers

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Standard black hole

Black hole It surprised all researchers from the center of a distant galaxy, because due to an amazing event that takes place there, scientists often do not happen to observe such events. In particular, researchers have observed that the black hole in the galaxy ESO 253-3 is continuously emitting energy into the universe, which surprised scientists because it is not commonly found in galaxies.

Black hole It creates a strong energy explosion in the universe once every 114 days, so scientists have detected less than 17 such events in the last 6 years. According to scientists, these energy explosions created by the black hole occurred about 600 million years ago, but have now been discovered as far away as galaxies from Earth.

Spectacular black hole heard by all researchers

Black hole The galaxy that produces these light eruptions is 20 times larger than our own galaxy, so it is 80 million times larger than the Sun. All of these energy explosions are actually stars swallowed by the galaxy’s black hole, and in its process of swallowing these cosmic objects it blows into the cosmic gases, many other particles and the energy and light we see on Earth.

“In the heart of a galaxy more than 570 million light-years away, energy is constantly exploding in space, so astronomers call the galaxy Old Faithful, just like the famous predictable geyser at Yellowstone National Park. That happened almost 600 million years ago, but scientists are now seeing them for the first time because of how far they have to go. Travel the light of a galaxy to reach Earth). ”

Black hole Will be further observed from that galaxy because this phenomenon occurs very rarely in the universe, at least so far. Scientists have observed a black hole in other galaxies that emits energy explosions, but this is the first time they have seen such regular eruptions, and it will be interesting to see what they will find if observation continues. .

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Black hole Many energy explosions have never been emitted into the universe from our galaxy, although it is considered to be an active one, but many more are active.

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