Record of kick off spectators at the French League of Legends Championship

Record of kick off spectators at the French League of Legends Championship
The third edition of the French League

For its third edition, the French Sports Championship League of Legends Seems to have been promised to an exceptional audience: on Tuesday, January 19, more than a million people gathered on the live video broadcast site Twitz to follow the first matches of the competition. A cross for several weeks was triggered by announcements surrounding several new features this season.

In this multiplayer strategy and team action game championship, ten teams will compete against each other for seven weeks. Purpose: To be one of the three teams qualified to play the European Masters, a competition between the best teams from the European regional leagues.

New production, new decorations

This year, it is the young production company One Trick Production (OTP), which has reclaimed the broadcasting rights for the French Championship. It was edited last October by Fabian “Chips” Gulick and Charles “Noi” Lapasat, star commentators, rival experts and exit O’Comming, who have so far been responsible for the distribution of previous versions.

In this case, the competition offers a new structure, similar to the European Championship, which seems to have won the French public. On the night of the launch, 40,000 to 75,000 viewers gathered live on their Twitch channel 12,000 on average Last year: Even the final on October 26 did not exceed 26,000 spectators.

In addition to the viewers on the official channels, 73,000 additional people simultaneously followed the competition of another Twitch channel, the most popular streamer Kamal “Cometo” Kebir. Since Carmine Corp, the sports club he founded, will be participating for the first time in 2020 with YouTube’s Amin “Prime” Macri, the streamer has every interest in keeping a close eye on the competition. The club, on the other hand, have already won at the end of 2020, during a tournament dedicated to the game Team fighting tricks At that time the House Player was crowned the Double 61 World Champion.

A stage play never seen before in France

French Championship League of Legends A French match indeed. But it is not limited to French teams and players. Of the ten teams competing this year, two are foreign teams: the US organization Misfits Premier, which won the French title at the end of 2020, and the Swiss organization BDS Esport Rainbow Six And Rocket League.

The only obligation for international organizations is to propose a team of six players (including one substitute) consisting of at least two French – or two players who have played on French soil in the previous two seasons. The arrival of so many foreign players at the best level makes the tournament a match that is already considered one of the most needed for the round. ” In Europe, I think the French League League of Legends Best Regional League, at least on paper », Explained, Tuesday Team, Solari Player Bear “Steelback” Medjaldi.

But the most anticipated confrontation by the audience was, without a doubt, the opposition of both Carmine Corp and Solari throughout the competition. Two teams with very similar histories founded by entertainers Not by the personalities of the sports world. Both can count on the most determined communities of fans: this fight between two high-level teams promises to ignite social networks at every meeting. Their first clash will take place on Thursday 21st January at 9pm A tactical product.

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