Can you solve today's math puzzle?

Can you solve today’s math puzzle?

Today we present to you a test to train your brain. Solve this tricky math puzzle and guess the age of the brother.

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Is here The test seems to be very easy But it really needs your concentration. Do not give me an urgent answer, take time to think, The answer is not as clear as it sounds.

Before moving on to the test and its solution, we would like to spend a few words on the importance of these games, which are intended only to entertain you, but in fact they do more for your brain health: they keep it Active and trained. Just as physical activity is necessary for the body to be healthy, the brain is metaphorically a muscle that needs to be strengthened with training.

You can spend a few minutes playing to do your daily brain training: crosswords, math puzzles, puzzles, picture and difference tests, all of which can be very effective in strengthening your brain by making new connections.

Thanks to the playful stimulus, it helps your brain to be more active and receptive in processing information.

Games like sudoku or chess are very stimulating for the brain, which learns to maintain concentration for a long time. In addition, the brain acquires the ability to perceive complex situations and focus on solutions rather than problems.

Finally, stimulating your logical abilities and finding the right solutions activates yours Reward system And enhances yours Self-esteem.

Do not forget that the playful factor of the game is that all this makes you learn and excites yourself.

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Now let’s move on to this math puzzle that has divided web users.

Test: How old is the brother?

Age test of siblings
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You need to take the situation before answering this easy question.

This test will be fun for everyone who has mastered math. This puzzle divides Internet users into two users, some of whom were able to guess the correct answer.

Here is the problem you need to solve:

“When I was 4, my brother was half my age. I am 18 years old now. How old is my uncle? “

Think carefully about the answer, do not forget Appeal to logic.

Do you understand what the correct answer is?

If you answered 9:

You are one of those who gave an urgent answer and did not use their logical skills. The answer is not 9, it’s actually 16.

If you answered 16:

You guessed the correct answer, you did not fall into the trap.

Correct Answer 16 Do not understand why?

The two brothers have one 2 years difference. So, if the older brother is 18, you have to subtract this number to solve the problem.

Did you like this test? You will love these quick puzzles to tickle your logic. Answers They are very simple.

Quick puzzles to tease your logic skills

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1- You can’t use it if you don’t break it first, what is it?

2- I am tall when I am young and I am short when I am old. What?

3- Everything on the hill is a one-story house in yellow: walls, windows and doors and even yellow furniture can be seen. Now tell me: what color are the stairs?

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4- It can be broken without lifting or touching, what is it?

5- What gets wet when drying?

6- It is raining outside, a man starts walking in the rain without an umbrella, but not even a hair on his head is wet. How is that possible?

7- I use the razor every day, but my part is always the same. What?

8- I have a head, a leg and four legs, what are they?

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