Donald Trump va-t-il gracier Joe Exotic, la star de Tiger King? "Je crois que ça va se faire"

Will Donald Trump forgive Tiger King star Joe Exodus? “I hope it happens”

This Tuesday, January 19, marks the last day of Donald Trump’s presidency of the United States, the last day on which Donald Trump can apologize. While many names are in circulation, one of them is quite surprising: Joe Exotic. He can actually be pardoned by President Trump.

Eric Love, close to Joe Exodus, a representative of the Oklahoma Zoo, said There is good reason to believe it will happen “For the English daily Metro.” We believe there is already a luxury car parked half a mile from the jail. ” , Did he announce?

Joe Exodic, real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage, was sentenced in January 2020 to 22 years in prison after being involved in a plot to assassinate Carol Baskin, manager of a competing zoo. The story is told in the Netflix hit documentary “Tiger King”, which was first released during his imprisonment.

This person is also guilty of numerous wildlife legal offenses, including the death of five tigers and dangerous biological violations.

Everything is ready

According to his representative, everything is ready for Joe Exotic release. His team is already ” He shot a congratulatory video thanking Donald Trump “.

The first thing Joe wants to do is get his hair done. ” Said Eric Love. ” He has not been in style for two and a half years. This is the first thing. Then we get some pizza, a steak, a magrib . ”

Will this whole project go awry? Reply within 24 hours.

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