London New Singapore Dreams

London New Singapore Dreams

Boris Johnson brought together big employers to create his project.

We hear again about “Singapore-on-Thames” as the ink of the trade agreement between London and the EU rarely dries up. Boris Johnson The dream of the Brexiters to transform the United Kingdom into a liberalized and organized state at the gates of the European Union has not been forgotten. This Monday, he brought together top business leaders to discuss the possibilities offered by the new post-Brexit “independence”. He was in danger of playing dangerously with the fair rules agreed with the Europeans.

To embody these plans, Boris Johnson invited about thirty senior executives, including the bosses of PD, PP, Tesco, Unilever and Jaguar Land Rover. This opening of the “Recommendation Box” is a sign that the relationship between “pojo” and the economy is dissolving. Finance Minister Rishi Sunak is also tasked with leading an interim “project pace” committee to study the reform of the rules currently in place. “The hour has come”

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