The first 5 scenes of Canberra

Best time to go to Canberra
The best time to visit Canberra is during the Australian summer months of December to February. The temperature is too hot to reach unbearable levels. All of Canberra’s outdoor spaces are open, meaning one has more freedom to plan excursions. Avoid the winter months from June to August. Temperatures can easily drop below 0 degrees Celsius, and some places are not open to tourists. Spring is also relatively cool when it rains from time to time. Snow is very rare in Canberra.

Top 5 places to see
Canberra offers some of the finest and most beautiful places in Australia, and many people sadly miss out on wanting to go to Sydney or Melbourne.

1: Burley Griffin Lake
Burley Griffin Lake is immediately recognizable as a 147-meter-high fountain painted on several postcards. Located in the center of Canberra, this lake is a popular place for walking or biking. The air around Burley Griffin Lake is gentle, and the various tracks around it offer stunning views of clear blue water. Many of Australia’s most famous buildings and museums can be found along the lake. This is not to be missed!

2: War Memorial
The Canberra War Memorial is not dedicated to one war; It commemorates all Australians who have died in the war since 1885. Lots to see, but the only way to feel the grandeur of the monument is to walk on the walls engraved with the names of all the Australian war dead. But there are plenty of galleries in this monument, where various exhibitions on the various wars in which Australia participated are held. Contrary to what one might think, memory can also carry children because there is space for children to learn through interactive screens.

3: Old and New Parliament
As the name suggests, the old House of Commons was the first federal seat of the Australian Parliament from 1927 to 1977. After Parliament moved to the new building, the old Parliament building became the Australian Democratic Museum. In the old parliament building. Here you can learn about Australia’s political past, and the architecture will feel almost like you stepped on a time machine.
An Architectural View of the New Parliament. From the outside it looks like a forest growing inside the building, but it is especially the marble columns that give it the look of a forest. Public spaces function as a museum, with many important objects on display (such as the Magna Carta).

4: National Museum
Australia’s National Museum is considered by many to be the most complex building in the country. Architect Howard Rocket wanted to show the interconnectedness of different stories of the Australian people. This refers to the center of a knot, from which the long straps come together long. The exhibitions themselves reflect this because they mostly deal with the history of the tribal people.

5: L Arboretum National
Nature lovers will inevitably come to Australia’s National Arboretum. It contains a total of 250 acres of trees of all shapes, sizes and colors. All kinds of exotic and rare trees can be found there, both native and non-native. Arboretum has been planted continuously since 2005, providing a truly impressive set.

Are you going to Canberra? Do not forget the visa
Thousands of tourists visit Canberra every year. It is essential to follow Australian visa rules to avoid being sent home immediately upon arrival at the airport. Australia Visa Non-passengers will not be allowed unless they arrive from New Zealand. Fortunately, an Australian visa is very easy Online Can apply to. Instead of going to the embassy or consulate, just fill out the online application form and pay. The visa will then be sent by email. From that moment on you will get permission to enter the country from the Australian immigration authorities.

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