The creator of "The Ladies Game" adapts the science fiction novel "The Sparrow" into a series

The creator of “The Ladies Game” adapts the science fiction novel “The Sparrow” into a series

According to the American site Variety, Scott Frank, creator, director and showrunner of “The Ladies Game” series, will be in charge of writing the screenplay for the adaptation of the science fiction novel “The Sparrow”. American Chain FX

As it is known in France Sparrow of God (Ed. Albin Michael), American Mary Toria Russell’s first novel, published in 1996, begins its story at the beginning of the 21st century, when a musical signal is picked up by a science station on Earth. Emilio Santos, the linguist’s father, is sent into space by a group of Jesuit priests and scientists who are mixing with the Vatican. God can try to trace the origin of this signal into the universe.

In 2059, Father Santos will be the only member of the return journey alive. Psychologically devastated by this traumatic experience, he was charged with heinous crimes and brought before a court of law.

Johann Wreck, best known for his work on the series, was responsible for the adaptation. Bad breaking And Chernobyl. The latter, Scott Frank and Mark Johnson (It is better to call Saul) Also appear as the executive producers of the project. No information regarding acting or production date has been released at this time.

All the news of the series can be found here

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