Hippies: Strong Brix de America!

Hippies: Strong Brix de America!
Eligible list

The participation of some competitors, such as Feeling Cash, which initially had the required revenue, is questionable, but the Brix de Cornoulier, which runs on January 24th, does not appear to have Carrot Williams or Green Cross at the start of its Brix de America. Its plan.

But here is a list of those who deserve to be integrated if Sika de Jutes leaves.

1. Victor Firm, 331,102 wins, 2nd on Brix to Bourbon

2. Fenry Wood, 357 350, winner of the Denor de U une Prize

3. Diable de Wart, 562 290, 1st in Brix de Pretac

4. GU D’HERIPRE, 585 900, Criterium Continental winner

5. Money Viking, 591 553, 3rd in Brix to Bourbonis

6. Green Cross, 616,800, + 20% markup on revenue

7. Valokaja Hindo, 48 748,483, qualified for the wins

8. Feliciano, 684 040, 2nd in Brix de Pretac

9. POWER, 9 909,746, qualified for wins

10. Telia du Pommerax, 0 1,023,720, 3rd in Brix de Borgon

11. Tony Geo, 0 1,050,415, qualified for wins

12. Vivid White AS, 0 1,068,898, 2nd in Brix de Borgon

13. Feeling Cash, 0 1,080,780, qualified for the win

14. Carat Williams, 12 1,125,040, qualified for wins

15. Bahia Quiznot, 3 1,138,408, 3rd place in the Brix de Bratagne

16. Davidson to Bond, 35 1,355,610, 1st in Brix de Belgium

17. Face Time Bourbon, 2 197 440

18. Billy de Montford, 33 2,339,788, qualified for the win

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