NFL: Green Bay Packers, buffalo bills spin in conference finals

Green Bay, his quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the future MVP of the season and an outstanding performer, qualified by knocking out the Los Angeles Rams (32-18) at the National Convention Final on Saturday.

During the meeting the Packers quarterback formally made the right choices. At the start of the second quarter, he first threw a quick pass to Downey Adams, who left the company to his defender, abruptly changing the axis of the race on the race goal (10-3). The second touchdown, which was almost in progress, was his solo work, thanks to his fake throw, which opened the field and allowed the race to reach the zone (16-3). Recitation of mastery and intelligence. In the second half, his 58-yarder, Alan Lazard, found the back of the net for touchdowns, with Aaron Jones (32-18) finishing 4th in the Packers race.

In the other semifinal at Buffalo, on behalf of the U.S. Conference, the Bills made a difference against the Ravens (17-3) in the 3rd quarter, first throwing strength from Josh Allen, who had relied on Stephen Dix, who then relied on relentless defense and put pressure on Lamar Jackson. Bernell McPhee was caught in the worst of the 2019 MVP in his touchdown attempt, which he immediately flew 100 yards like a killer arrow (17-3).

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