George Springer wants to be closer to Connecticut

George Springer wants to be closer to Connecticut

As the camps approach, the signatures of free agents are becoming more and more frequent. After all, there are still some good players. George Springer is one of them. For weeks now, rumors have been sending him to the New York Mets.

In December, Jeff Bason said there was a race between the Blue Zeus and the Mets. But how much would Jayce be willing to put in $ 150 million for a player? It should be seen, but one thing is for sure, Springer is still available.

He seems to want to play in a city near Connecticut, where he is a native.

Does that mean the Mets will be at the top of the list? New York is much closer to Connecticut than Toronto. With the trade that brought Francisco Linder to New York, would the Mets still be willing to spend so much money on Sprinkler? If so, the Mets will be among their hitters: George Springer, Francisco Lindor, Pete Alonso, Michael Confordo and James McCann. They will do a lot of damage.

While these are all rumors, Mets owner Steve Cohen wants to add a grain of salt to what’s going on.

He asks for help to find out what Springer wants. Does that mean he turned Springer into an opportunity? Didn’t like that sprinkler? Hard to know, but Cohen’s comment gives Mets fans hope.

If Springer comes in the Big Apple, we forget about the Bayer there. That means Jayce will have the option to get him. But the big question is, does Boer want to play in Toronto? J.D. Realmudo is still available, and Jaycee is running. One thing is for sure: fans want a team that wins, and to be that way, you have to sign on to good players. For example, unlike the Pittsburgh Pirates, the team has a chance for fans to be ready to spend.

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In short, with the immediate start of training camps, the results of the various species should be known as soon as possible.

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